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Drip allows you to craft every interaction with your leads, trial users, and customers like an artisan

Imagine the ability to trigger an email, campaign or tag based on any action a user takes, be it expressing interest in a topic, downloading a sample chapter of your book, starting a trial of your software, or viewing your upgrade page. Or the ability to craft your entire user journey in a gorgeous, visual flow.

Marketing automation, so much promise, so many overpriced tools

You've scoured the internet for something designed for that allows you to send personalized email campaigns to the right person at exactly the right time. The question is: why are the tools in this space so ridiculously expensive and, adding insult to injury, so hard to use?

Maybe you've tried one of the big marketing automation players and you're exhausted with their clunky UI or lack of new features.

Or maybe you've outgrown your entry-level email marketing software and find yourself adding hack after hack to try to keep up with your marketing needs. At your stage, static email newsletters (even basic autoresponders) just aren't cutting it anymore. You're hearing everywhere that marketing automation is a place to make big leaps in conversion rates; from smarter email capture to personalized lead nurturing to lead scoring to post-purchase education and retention. But the solutions you've looked at have been too complicated, time consuming, and expensive to set up.

If that's the case, you're going to love Drip.


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Drip works for any type of business

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If this sounds familiar, it should. It's textbook marketing automation, but with one key difference. The difference between Drip and other marketing automation software is that our sole purpose, nay our mission, is to make it ridiculously easy (and cost effective) to get started, and we provide you with the best email tools, guidance, campaign blueprints, and analytics that you've ever seen in this kind of tool. Hands down.

You'll be gathering new email subscribers less than five minutes after starting your free trial.You don't have to talk to a salesperson. There are no annual contracts. No learning curve. And no training required.

The vast majority of our competitors require you to pay them before you can even have a look at their software. That's great for them because they've placed the risk in your hands, and they're banking on you never using their tool (they get to keep your money either way). We adamantly disagree with this approach so we offer a 100% free trial (you pay nothing to try us out).

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Automate everything

We have 18 triggers and 16 actions in our automation rule builder. Automations can be used to move subscribers in and out of campaigns, apply tags, record conversions, send them to an another application (like a CRM system), and more.

Capture leads directly on your site and use a custom 5-day email mini course at no charge

We do everything in our power to get you setup and receiving loads of value from Drip. So if you want to automatically send a user a series of emails, without writing any code, based on a purchase through Gumroad or PayPal, a recurring charge in Stripe or Chargify, or a new email into Leadpages, you should try Drip.

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Experience marketing automation built for the next decade

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