Refresh Your Product Update Emails for More Engagement & More Customers

Your team is totally excited!

A new product feature just launched, and everyone is ready to share the news.

Now, you need to make sure your customers (and potential customers) are just as excited. And too many product update emails are just kind of boring. Or irrelevant. So, customers skip over them in their inboxes.

Fortunately, you can change that. Your product update emails can do far more than just tell your list that you’ve added something new to your app, SaaS product, or membership site. You can use product update emails as a tool to …

  • Reassure new customers that they made the right choice
  • Help customers complete a milestone
  • Improve customer retention

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Open Rates Dropping? Rescue Your List with a Stellar Reengagement Email Campaign

How to Create a Stellar Re-engagement Email Campaign

It always seems like a good idea to buy more donuts than you really need, doesn’t it?

Personally, I can never decide which kind to get, so I grab a couple extra. And then I grab an extra one, just in case a friend gets jealous and wants one … and before I know it, I’ve picked out a dozen. Someone will probably eat them, right?

But as the day goes on, the donuts get less and less attention, and the next day nobody’s even opening the box to see what flavors remain. They’ve gone stale.

If you’re watching your email open rates drop, you might know exactly what I’m talking about.

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5 Email Personalization Tricks to Increase Engagement (and How to Do It with Liquid)

It feels pretty nice to be recognized when you walk into a shop, doesn’t it?

The barista who remembers your name and your usual order. The cashier who thinks to tell you about a new product he knows you’ll like. The hardware store clerk who asks about your kids.

Many of us are used to shopping anonymously. But when a salesperson offers us a personalized experience based on our interests, it not only feels good, it also makes us more likely to buy, as numerous statistics attest.

As a marketer, you’re probably already soaking up as much information about your audience as possible. And you’d love to be able to act on that information with sophisticated email personalization (and get increased open rates, clickthroughs, and sales).

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[Free Blueprint] Try This 5-Part Email Course to Get Consulting Clients—Constantly

How to Get Consulting Clients with an Automated Email Course
In some ways, working as a consultant makes marketing pretty straightforward. You’re the face of your brand, you’re in charge of your own schedule, and you get to see how your clients achieve success firsthand—and then inspire more potential clients with those results.

You generate a flywheel effect that propels your marketing ahead. In fact, I’d wager most longtime coaches and consultants I know have many more interested clients than they have time to take on.

But all that tends to happen once you’re already well established. How do you get to that point, without spending all your time scaring up clients?

One of the most effective tactics we’ve seen at Drip to continually—and automatically—get consulting clients is a free email mini course.

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New Data: Here’s What Gets People to Hand Over Their Email Address (According to 1,000 U.S. Internet Users)

New Data: How to Get More Email Subscribers (According to 1,000 U.S. Internet Users)

If you’re serious about email marketing, you’re probably trying to build your email list from just about anywhere you can drop in an opt-in form.

You might be trying tactics such as …

  • Encouraging blog readers to subscribe to your blog in the sidebar
  • Dropping a “get updates” link in your site footer
  • Offering white papers or other special resources on squeeze pages
  • Asking people to join a special-deals list via an exit or entrance popup

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Advanced Workflows: How to A/B Test Email Funnels in Drip for Dramatically Higher Conversions


Note: The following guest post by Christoph Engelhardt is pretty technical, and was written by a crafty developer who’s pushing Drip’s Workflows to their limit. Don’t be intimidated; you can still get amazing value from Workflows without using a more advanced approach like the one outlined below. But this post shows you what’s possible with Drip.

Take it away, Christoph…

I recently wanted to conduct an experiment in Drip that required me to split test the content of an email. Except there is no built-in way to do that in Drip (yet).

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What Great Storytellers Can Teach You about Email Marketing

Image of storytellers
Given the choice, which would you rather read: a list of facts and statistics, or a riveting short story? Unless you’re that exceptional individual who loves stuffing his head with useless facts, you probably opted for the story.

With that in mind, does your marketing email sound more like a textbook? Are the people opening your message fighting the urge to yawn, or do your messages really grip their attention?

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The 8 Tones of Voice in Email Copywriting (And What You Can Learn From Each)


As an entrepreneur, you need to know how to create a highly recognizable tone of voice for email marketing.

You want to stand out from the crowd in your prospect’s inbox, and attract the right kind of attention by appealing to the right kind of emotions – after all, emotions provide the incentive to subscribe or find out more about you.

Whether you’re writing everything yourself, or employing an expert to do it for you, it’s important to be clear about what kind of voice you’re going to be using. You want copy that pushes all the right buttons.

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Today…We Do Our Best to Fix What You Hate About Email Marketing Software

This post discusses things you’ve told us again and again that infuriate you about email marketing software, and how we hope to fix them for you today.

Yesterday, I made a few grandiose predictions about where I think email marketing and automation are headed based on the most common complaints we hear about the dozens of email marketing tools our customers have used (including our own).

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of things are still broken with email marketing software.

Here’s the shortlist:

  • Using “lists” to organize subscribers
  • Lack of tags & automation
  • Rats nests of automation rules
  • Absence of a visual campaign builder
  • Buggy visual campaign builders
  • Ugly/overly complex visual campaign diagrams
  • And several others…

Drip has been all set on the first 2 points for going on 2 years, but the more we’ve heard the other issues, the hotter the fire burned in our bellies to fix them.

It’s hard to stand by and watch people feel frustrated with the tools they’re using to run their businesses.

Enter Workflows
So we spent months researching, dissecting, and studying the best aspects and biggest shortfalls of today’s email marketing tools.

During the design process we focused on designing something to make your life easier. And we kept circling back to three goals:

  1. Make something that’s easy enough to learn without documentation
  2. Meet or exceed the capabilities of the most powerful tools available
  3. Make something that’s easy for you (the user) to maintain

With the above as our focus, today we launch the biggest feature to come out of Drip in 18 months. We hope it has a dramatic impact in how you communicate with your subscribers, and that it makes your life easier along the way.

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Tomorrow…The Next Evolution in Email Marketing

Marketing automation is the future of email marketing. That used to be debatable…I think at this point the debate is over.

Over the past 18 months, since Drip pioneered lightweight marketing automation by becoming the first email marketing tool to add dead-simple tagging and automation at a sub-$50 price point, there have been many fast-followers.

Since then, most of the major email marketing tools have announced some kind of email automation.

A few smaller competitors jumped on the bandwagon that we began, copying our lower-cost, lightweight approach, ease of use, our trigger/action interface, and even the words we’ve used to describe our features and other offerings.

But the problem with fast-followers is that they’re followers. Their idea of innovation is to look at what’s working for someone else and copy that company’s features, approach, pricing, and user interface.

But the one thing they can’t copy…is innovation.

We’re happy we made it here first, and that we played our part in moving the industry forward. We want everyone’s email marketing to get better, and if that happens through pushing our competition to pick up the pace…all the better.

The Next Evolution in Email Marketing
But the moment we launched automation we asked ourselves: what’s the next major innovation in email marketing?

And the answer, months in the making, will be live inside Drip tomorrow.

While I can’t yet tell you what it is, I can give you a few hints.

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