Drip may just be the first email marketing tool to make marketing automation accessible to the masses. It's grass-fed, organic software lovingly handcrafted in California.

We know software is only one piece of the puzzle, so although we invest a tremendous amount of creative energy into crafting Drip, we also focus on making every interaction with us knock your socks clean off and into the wash.

Our Team

Rob Walling Photo

Rob Walling

Rob (co-founder) has been launching products for most of his life, and nearly every one has used email to accelerate growth. Rob is a founder, angel investor and mentor who speaks at numerous startup conferences each year and has been quoted in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and dozens of other national publications. He also wrote one of the definitive guides to bootstrapping a startup, Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup.

Derrick Reimer Photo

Derrick Reimer

Derrick (co-founder) is a full-stack developer hailing from Reedley, CA. He's been working with Rails for half a decade, and his attention to aesthetics is responsible for the epic usability of Drip. In his spare time Derrick likes traversing the Central Valley in his fuel-efficient vehicle, watching TV shows about cooking, and resurfacing his living room floor.

Ian Nance Photo

Ian Nance

A former professor, Ian's ability to quickly integrate with third-party APIs is rivaled only by his knowledge of Neo-Confucianism. Your most difficult support inquiries wind up in his inbox, where he handles each one with the speed and precision of a Nascar pit crew. He enjoys long walks in Fresno's Tower District, large cups of ice tea in the summer, and measuring his espresso-to-milk ratio with a mass spectrometer.

Tim Breitkreutz Photo

Tim Breitkreutz

Born and raised in the icy North, Tim's coding chops were forged and hardened by the harsh Alberta winters. He's known for being 5 minutes early to every meeting, riding his bike across the Golden Gate Bridge (in the rain), and digging himself out of an 8' snow bank using only a spoon and a rusty potato peeler.

Andy Arnold Photo

Andy Arnold

If you look up "customer awesomeness" in the dictionary Wikipedia you'll see a picture an animated GIF of Andy. He's gifted at making your setup and day to day Drip experience feel like a trip to Disneyland (but without the lines). Anytime you email Drip Support, know that Andy is the first person to read it.

Anna Jacobsen Photo

Anna Jacobsen

Rumor has it Anna sprang into this world a fully formed customer success expert. Born and raised in California's Central Valley, some accounts indicate she began handling online chat support at the age of 4. Her love of Product Hunt is outweighed by few things, but well-done In-N-Out fries and local sports teams top the list.

Ian Garoian Photo

Ian Garoian

Known in local clubs for his mad piano chops, Ian has been playing music since before he could read, and teaching it for nearly a decade. Even with that, he may be best known for his love of Bulleit Old Fashions and hording a quantity of granola bars sufficient to sustain the entire Drip team during the coming zombie apocalypse.

Zach Grove Photo

Zach Grove

Great-great-grandson to the engineer who invented the socket wrench, Zach's life purpose is engineering growth and epic content. He's known to lie awake at 2am tinkering with the next day's blog post, or devising headlines to split test. In his spare time Zach enjoys shredding on his guitar, volunteering with dogs, and making progress in his perpetual quest to engineer the perfect Cappuccino.